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​A Sustainable IMEX Experience

We know you will be immersed in the IMEX Frankfurt experience, and it can be hectic. The Sustainability Challenge is a great way to prioritize your own wellbeing, expand your sustainability education and learn what IMEX is doing to be sustainable throughout your IMEX experience. By focusing on your stepping and learning, you will be eligible to win.

Move up the Leaderboard quicker by participating in the Bonus Activities. You can earn over 30,000 bonus points.

New Team Competition in 2023

This year we have added a team competition element to the Challenge. We engaged the exhibitor community for a little friendly competition.

The teams include:

  1. Another Konzept DMC – D320
  2. Bahamas – E010
  3. Destination Canada – C300
  4. Hyatt Hotels & Resorts – G600
  5. Tourism New Zealand – B320
  6. Visit Scotland – F420
  7. IMEX Staff Team
  8. Maritz Global Events – F690

Watch as these teams race to become the top exhibitor team and win the bragging rights for the 1st IMEX Sustainability Challenge Team Competition. Will the IMEX Frankfurt winner be able to hold the title at IMEX America? You will have to wait and see!

Bonus Activities

There are several ways to increase your leaderboard position through Bonus Activities. These activities are based on the various sustainable practices that are featured at IMEX Frankfurt. In partnership with Maritz Global Events and IMEX’s Sustainability Partner – Meet Green – we have developed a creative and unique way to learn how to be sustainable and incorporate these practices into your own events.

The activities are designed to help you think specifically about making sustainable choices and keep it all in balance. Once the Challenge has started, press the Bonus Activities selector ** in the Challenge App.

Ways to Move to the Top of the Leaderboard to Earn Points

Get your Steps in during your IMEX Frankfurt Experience

Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Scan-In: Participate in the various activities listed below and use the in-app Scan-In Module to scan Sustainability Challenge QR codes and earn daily bonus points. Each activity is worth 1,000 bonus points:

  1. Stop by the Sustainability Challenge Desk to receive a Sustainability Challenge sticker and get ready to network with other show participants. Meet other Challenge participants that are identified with the Challenge sticker throughout the show. Share with others what you want to learn during IMEX by using the in-app feature to scan others’ personal Connect QR codes. Hall 9, Stand 9012.
  2. Commit to the People & Planet Pledge: Follow this link and make your pledge. Everyone supporting the pledge can collect a ribbon at the IMEX Info Zone in Hall 9 and scan the QR code for bonus points. Hall 9 Booth #9012.
  3. IMEXrun: Participate in the Run 24 May @6:45 warm up; 7:00am Run. Pre-register here. Meeting point is at the Holbeinsteg Bridge North Side
  4. Visit the Be Well Lounge located on the 1st floor above Hall 9
  5. Visit Events Industry Council and talk about sustainability with the EIC staff. Hall 8, Stand F375
  6. Attend a session at the Maritz/DRPG “More Than Experience Theatre” in Hall 9
  7. Attend one of the Google Xi CoLab workshops in Hall 9.  Check the Schedule of Events for specific times
  8. Visit the Encore stand in Hall 9 to learn how they are leaning into sustainability
  9. Visit the Maritz Global Events Stand and learn about the Net Zero Carbon Event Pledge. Hall 8, Stand F690
  10. Visit and learn from the experienced team of industry experts at the Frankfurt Convention Bureau and thank them for hosting IMEX Frankfurt and providing prizes for the Challenge. Hall 8, Stand F110
  11. Visit Destination Canada Stand – C300 to cheer them on in the Exhibitor Team Competition
  12. Visit Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Stand G600 to cheer them on in the Exhibitor Team Competition


Connect with other Sustainability Challenge participants via the Chat feature within the app and earn bonus points.

Social Connect

Meet other Sustainability Challenge participants that are identified with the Challenge sticker throughout the show. Share with others what you want to learn during the event by using the in-app Social Connect feature to scan others’ personal Connect QR codes. You will earn 500 bonus points for each connection.


TraffickCam App

Once the Challenge has started, click on the TraffickCam App bonus activity within the Challenge app to download and learn more about the app and you will automatically earn 5,000 bonus points. As a part of the Sustainability Challenge, we ask you to download the app and please continue to use the app every time you are in a hotel. It could save someone from being trafficked. This database of hotel rooms can assist the authorities in finding victims of human trafficking as many times victims are solicited online. Additionally, we encourage you to promote the app with your friends and family to help stop this horrendous crime.

By downloading this app, you can join the fight against human trafficking.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are not just about green choices. These strategic goals are about creating a society where all prosper. UN SDG #3 is good health and wellbeing of all people. UN SDG #10 is reducing inequities. One of the biggest hurdles in the way of achieving these goals is human trafficking. (To learn more about the UN SDGs, click here).

Our industry is committed to the fight against human trafficking and at Maritz Global Events it is core to our brand promise. As frequent travelers and industry professionals we can help in this fight. Thank you for your support.


The Challenge Leaderboard rotates among the top 25 steppers and then displays the top 5 teams (based on average number of points per team members). You can also view the Team Leaderboard in the app with Team rankings and Individual rankings of the members within your Team.

The leaderboard is refreshed approximately every 10 minutes once the Challenge has started.

Thanks to the following partners who donated prizes for this Sustainability Challenge:

Canada logo
Frankfurt convention center logo
Hyatt Resorts logo

For more information please visit the Sustainability Challenge booth in Hall 9, Stand 9021 at the event or email us at

* Supported devices and operating systems

** Bonus Activity:

On the Challenge app’s main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.

Press the Connect, Scan-In, TraffickCam App & Chat buttons and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus points.

*** For prizes:

You must be registered for IMEX Frankfurt to participate and win prizes in this Challenge.


Check out our FAQ here or email

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