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​Bonus Activities

A Fun Wellbeing Experience

The EM Wellbeing Challenge is a great way to prioritize your own wellbeing during the holidays, learn about how you can look like hero to your client and have fun with your colleagues.

Move up the Leaderboard quicker by participating in the Bonus Activities. You can earn over 36,000 bonus points.

There are several ways to increase your and your team’s leaderboard position.

    1. Activity Log
      You can do more than walk to work your way up the Challenge Leaderboard! Engage in various other fitness activities ranging from gardening to stretching, cycling to swimming, and aerobics to rowing. Look up the activity in the Challenge app and log the time you spent doing the activity to receive the equivalent points.
    2. QR Code
      Find the 2 QR Codes and earn bonus points

      • Look for the QR Code and the daily trivia question on the Wellbeing Share Point site each day of the Challenge and earn 1,000 Bonus Points per day. You will scan the QR code on the Share Point from within the Challenge app. Limit of 12 bonuses during the Challenge.
      • Email @Riggs, Rachael  with a question about our wellbeing products and client services once during the Challenge to receive 1,000 bonus points during the Challenge. Rachael will provide you with the QR code.
    3. In-App Group Chat
      Throughout the competition, connect with your colleagues and you will receive Bonus Points to push you up the leaderboard.  Give encouragement, showcase how you are getting your points or share your own experiences during the Challenge and receive 500 Bonus Points. Note: Chat attachment size limit is 4MB (limit of 3 bonuses per day).

The activities are designed to help you learn more about MGE’s Wellbeing offerings from the Design Studio. Learn where to go to get more details will you are having fun.

Once the Challenge has started, press the Bonus Activities selector** in the Challenge App.

**Bonus Activities:

  • On the Challenge app’s main dashboard, tap the Bonus Activities selector.
  • Press the Scan-In, Chat or Activity Log button and follow the app instruction to receive your bonus.


Check out our FAQ here or email

Wellbeing Challenge Leaderboard

The leaderboard rotates among the top 25 steppers and then displays the top 5 teams (based on average number of points per team members). You can also view the Team Leaderboard in the app with Team rankings and individual rankings of the members within your Team.

The leaderboard is refreshed approximately every 10 minutes once the Challenge has started.

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